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A brief description of how the services we offer can help you

Our Promise to be Ethical

• We are objective in reporting our findings.
• Our opinions are based on genuine conviction.
• Our fees are not contingent upon our findings.
• We do not accept compensation from parties to whom we have made referrals.
• We disclose any financial interest in the outcome of the cases for which we are retained.
• We do not disclose our findings or client information without client approval.
• We stay current with the industry body of knowledge through continuing education.

Who Needs a Consultation?

Home Owners Planning to Remodel

The process of home improvement is complicated and confusing. Mistakes can result in unnecessary anxiety and expense. We can help by providing a service we refer to as “Remodel Coaching”. A remodeling coach can help clients with decision-making before and during initial planning, plan and specification production, contract development, contractor selection, contract administration, production scheduling, quality control, and project close-out. We can help ensure that the project is carried out to achieve the intended result on time and on-budget.

Home Owners with Maintenance Concerns

The home owner can benefit from our service by gaining information about the current condition of the various systems and components of the home, where these systems and components are relative to their expected service lives, what kinds of things can reduce service lives, and what kind of maintenance can maximize service life.

A systematic review of the home with a written report of findings can be used to plan out a maintenance strategy with special attention to priority conditions.

Home Owners Planning to Sell

An owner planning to sell his home needs to know the condition of the home in order to properly price the home and to be prepared to fend off adjustments to the price adjustments based on exaggerated claims of damage, defects, or wear. The real estate transaction is often a difficult and trying experience, not only for the buyer, but often for the seller. A seller who is not properly prepared may encounter unnecessary anxiety during the inspection and disclosure process.

One way a seller can prepare is to have a listing consultation. This will minimize the surprise factor that can result in a failed transaction. It can also provide a very convenient list of items to consider repairing before the home is shown to the public.

Parties Involved in Construction-Related Disputes

We have been providing construction litigation support for many years. In that time we have come to believe that litigation is a costly and seldom satisfying experience. A realistic understanding of the claims and positions of each side in the dispute is necessary to arrive at a fair settlement. We have been trained to resolve disputes by employing the techniques of collaborative negotiation, mediation, and solicitation of neutral third party input.
If all other attempts at resolution has been exhausted and litigation alone remains, we have experience in working with attorneys to achieve a settlement and minimize fees and other expenses.

Home Buyers

The prospective purchaser of a home is entitled to know the true condition of the home he or she intends to buy. The inspector chosen should be experienced, thorough, and ethical. The The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) requires its members to be tested, have reports reviewed for compliance to the Standards of Practice, and adhere to its Code of Ethics. Once the buyer understands the condition of the home, it is essential that the cost of any needed repairs be considered in order to make an informed decision to purchase. We can help to identify significantly deficient conditions by way of a Home Inspection and we can quantify the costs involved in correcting those conditions by way of a Cost-to-Cure estimate.

How to Select a Contractor


The California Contractors’ State License Board (CSLB) requires that all persons contracting for work in excess of $500.00 be licensed. The license status of a contractor can be determined at Check License. Property owners using unlicensed contractors or licensed contractors using unlicensed subcontractors are, in effect, hiring the unlicensed workers as employees with all of the associated requirements (payroll deductions, workers compensation insurance, etc.) Sterling and Company has had a valid General Contractor’s License in good standing for more than 30 years. Licensed contractors are required to abide by the regulations of the CSLB including, but not limited to properly preparing contracts, obtaining necessary permits and inspections, and professional conduct.


We are a residential remodeling firm operating out of San Anselmo for more than 3 decades. From maintenance and household repairs to additions and total rehabs we have experience in virtually all aspects of residential remodeling and construction. We understand and employ what is necessary to properly execute a work of home improvement to the sheer satisfaction of our client. Our skilled, friendly, and accommodating specialists take client and design professional direction well. Projects are carefully undertaken and proudly completed with the highest respect for the client’s property.
We have earned the coveted CGBP (Certified Green Building Professional) designation and have received training in green remodeling and retrofitting. We incorporate “green” building techniques into our operations.
From the initial planning stages through cost analysis, contract administration, production, and project close?out, we aim to please by delivering the highest quality at a fair and reasonable price.
The contract is a device by which the contractor and client can “get on to the same page” with regard what is to be done, how it is to be done, and for how much. Many inexperienced contractors are not sufficiently familiar with the elements of a Home Improvement Contract which are required by law. In addition to meeting the requirements, we seek to achieve a trusting relationship based on performance.

Reference Checking

This is a critical and often overlooked part of the selection process. References should be contacted to discuss their experience with the contractor. Important questions include:
Were the contract and construction documents properly prepared and discussed?
Was the project completed satisfactorily without unnecessary breaks in productivity?
Was the crew courteous and accommodating?
Were misunderstandings (all jobs will have these - some minor, some major) resolved professionally and amicably?
Over the years we have accumulated a clientele comprised of hundreds of satisfied customers. Upon request, we will compile a list including both recent and historic clients.


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